Romans et Romanesques

In the 19th century, especially the social novel. Names like Salim Bustani (1847-1884), Nu'man Abdoh Qasatli (1854-1920), Georgi Zaydan (1861-1914), Nicolas Haddad (1872-1954), four names marked the literary scene. Novelists like Alice Boutros Boustani (1870-1926), the sister of Salim, Labiba Hachem and Zaynab Fawaz emerge. Alice publishes in 1891 "Sa'iba" in which she speaks of the arranged marriage without forgetting to mark her refusal to such a marriage between cousins ​​and foreigners. Labiba Madi Hachem (1880-1947 or 1952), a Lebanese woman who lived in Egypt for several years of her life, published in 1904 her novel "the heart of man". In this novel, Labiba relates the facts that shook the inhabitants of the mountain in 1860 to tell the story of an impossible love between a Christian and a girl of the Druze faith. The Third, Zaynab Fawaz, known by its qualifier "Al-'Amiliya" - by comparison with Jabal Amel in southern Lebanon (1860-1914), and who lived, in turn, in Egypt, published in 1899 "Gada la splendid". In this novel, Zaynab evokes the right to inheritance as well as the fierceness of a man against his cousin to the point of dispossessing him of his fiancé and his inheritance. 

The social novel written by the pen of the woman stands out from that of the man by its convincing argumentative speech, while that of the man is limited to the facts.